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The Story of Sheep Dreamzzz

My name is Sandy Jacoby, and I’m the original heart and fingers behind Sheep Dreamzzz baby blankets. When I became a first-time grandmother to Sarah Kate and Malachi in 2017, I knitted each of them a cuddly blanket I hoped they would treasure. Other moms started asking my daughters where they could get the blanket for their little ones, which gave me an idea: I could teach women where I live in Malpaisillo, Nicaragua how to knit the blanket. By having them keep 100% of the profit from each sale, these women would finally have a way to support their families.  Providing income opportunities for the poor was already the mission of our 501(c)(3) non-profit, Sheep Not Goats.  We've built a farm; now we have something for the women of our community.

Here's where you enter the story. Your purchase of a hand-made Sheep Dreamzzz baby blanket helps empower a woman in Malpaisillo. And when you support a woman, you support a family. It’s that simple. High-quality materials and love in each careful stitch make these blankets extra snuggly. We're sure your baby will approve.

Wishing Sheep Dreamzzz to your little lamb!