Fish Farming

We're well underway with creating el gran hoyo (the big hole) for fish tanks.  During the first 8 months of 2014, many different people have helped with this.  It's really hard work, especially when it's particularly hot from February to May, so while we've not had the funds to construct yet it's been on-again, off-again work.

View from inside the hole - it's 25ft x 23 ft x 9ft deep.

The design is intended to be a 1/6-size scaled-down version of a setup at North Carolina State University.  NCSU offers a lot of great information about their system, including costs, as does Texas A&M University.

Our plan has always been to use plants as the biofilter to clean the water (this approach is called Aquaponics).  We may or may not go "full aquaponics" due to the energy costs involved with pumping all the water to the plant beds every hour.  Electricity is very expensive in Nicaragua.  Most likely, it will be a combination of aquaponics with simple replacement of dirty fish tank water with fresh water from the solar energy-pumped well that we dug on the property.  We might use the expelled water for some plants that grow in very wet conditions, or perhaps share it with one or more neighbors.  Any experts among you are welcome to offer input!