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What We Do

1. We grow and sell plantains, bananas, guayaba, pitahaya (dragon fruit), and tilapia.  This provides jobs and income to help offset expenses.

2. Through the Sheep Dreamzzz baby blanket project, women learn to knit and earn a substantial income

3. We feed and spend time with elderly men and women during a healthy breakfast that Sheep Not Goats organizes and funds every Thursday morning

4. Within our community (Malpaisillo), we look for opportunities to enable access to medical care, food, and other basic needs.

5. Everyone who works 30 hours or more is required to save 10% of their salary, which they receive back with interest at the end of each quarter.  This has shown the workers that they can save for the future.

6. We engage wealthier individuals (most North Americans) in the work, including through their tax-deductible donations.  It is our philosophy that people should work in order to receive.  Only in emergency situations, mostly medical, do we give money, and then we ensure it is used for the stated purpose.